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Scared of Presenting? Need to do some Team-Building? I can help.. 

Like most working actors, I've done many other jobs! I've temped, and had permanent positions, in all sorts of industries: from Hedge Funds to Barrister's Chambers, Charities to Fashion Labels,  Property Companies to Law Firms. I have spent circa 8 years on and off as an Executive Assistant (private and professional), supporting and coaching my Managers to prepare and present effectively.


This experience gives me a unique advantage - I combine my training as an Actor, Singer, Improviser and Stand-up comic, with my understanding of the workplace and my ability to achieve results with many different personalities. I appreciate the pressures for those working at all levels across a company, and the need for a team to gel quickly. I know the importance and expectations of public speaking and the need for the spoken word to match up to the written one. I empathise with the time constraints when faced with other deadlines, and the profits at stake.

I currently offer 2 workshops: Presentation Skills or Team-Building. 3hrs at a time, with a max of 15 people. If you require something a little different, a tad more bespoke, or for more or less people, then please do drop me a line. I also offer one-on-one coaching.

For pricing and availability, you can email me by clicking here.

NEW YEAR OFFER: Book in January (for workshops pre July) and get 10% off! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Being present. Finding your confidence. 


I know how hard it is to get up on to a stage and appear confident even when you think you're shaking. To conquer your nerves. I also know how difficult it is to be clear and commanding to a room full of people when your brain is thinking a line or a slide ahead.

I'll encourage you to play, and relish the opportunities that can be found in any mis-steps. To shed some inhibitions and thus to quieten down the voice of judgement inside your head that tells you it's going wrong. I can help you be effective in the moment.

Using your voice & body to maximum effect.


Don't know what to do with your hands? Feel like your body language is hindering your Presentation? Does your voice tail off at the end of a sentence? Breathing shallow?

I will help you to ride the adrenaline, to find a pace that works for you and your audience, and use your breath fully. To tune into your body and your posture and any personal tics - we all have them! I'll offer some tips to improve inflection and emphasis.


Levelling the playing field.


I'll get you to play around with status - how you are perceived, how you perceive others, and how we can shift  and use that status to our advantage.


I'll also look at storytelling techniques - the positive spin, the arc of the narrative, and how to handle any questions or indeed hecklers....!


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