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I like to write.

It started with the comedy - you have to write your own material. Shocking I know. But you can't use other comics material unless they're dead, and even then it's frowned upon. And then I realised I had lots of other things in my head that I quite wanted to articulate - less funny, more feminist. ish. And so began Musings of the Goggin. And then Erotica UK, because they asked, and I do quite like to talk about sex - it's important. And then there's the sitcoms I'm co-writing, but I can't tell you about those yet, or I'd have to kill you.  If there's something you write you think I'd like, please drop me a line....

Musings of the Goggin- Gemma Goggin

Musings of the Goggin

A friend wrote and said this blog was a little serious compared to my normal stuff. He was right.

I like to add a little humour, but this is really a place for me to stretch myself - to write about things that I think matter. Which might be Women's rights, Crazy Mothers, the ups and s of being in a relationship. Have a read. Follow me. Comment. I'm well up for feedback.

The Sex Blog

I do Monthly Blog for as their resident comic.

A humorous slant on sex, erotica, and how I'm trying to incorporate more Eroticism into my every day life. And I'm not just talking rubber gloves.

If you have any amusing tales, I'd love to hear them. Sharing makes it so much more fun, don't you think?

What we Googled Today

Bob and I set up a blog called What We Googled Today. Primarily because we spent a lot of time saying "we must google that when we get home".

So effectively, it's a diary of sorts. And like most diaries, sometimes we don't write in it for a while. But when we do, it is AWESOME. Maybe. Though we haven't written anything for a VERY LONG TIME.

It tells you a little bit about us. If you want to know more!

I LOVE Twitter

I love Twitter. I know some people don't really get it, but I think it's worth a look in.

Yes, it's a marketing tool. Yes, it's primarily people talking about themselves. But it is also a mine of information. Of humour. Of social and political debate.

And you can follow lots of cool people. Like me :-) Or Stephen Fry. Follow Stephen Fry.

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